Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Update: Been injured since March 16th after completing a 16K long run in my usual predicted time at a pace of 7:20km. Started seeing Dr. P about 9 weeks ago. To date I've been able to walk without pain even up an incline. Stand without any pain. Balance on right leg with only feeling uncomfortable and now I'm back to reconditioning.

Been putting in 2-3 pool runs a week and trying a trot on the treadmill just as often. I've gotten up to 20 mins running just below a 5K race pace without too much discomfort. It was time to take it to the road. My assignment after my first 3-4 treatments was to run a block, roughly 1 km. The first time I tried it I didn't get beyond my neighbour's driveway. I was destroyed.

Yesterday I tied up my shoes and popped on my Garmin (wanted to measure distance gain before onset of pain) and headed out with the that perfect sense of dread. I started out a little stiff and warmed up then felt pretty good. Was almost tempted to go further until I got halfway through the run (around the block) and started to feel the niggle. Decided to shelve the runner's ego whispering hoarsely that I could go further. I did the block. I survived without actual pain. I stretched, cooled down and showered. The rest of the night I had only a faint pulling sensation whenever I moved the leg.

My new assignment is to attempt a block and a half. Use some intervals if necessary and only run on the road. No sidewalks allowed any more. Icing after the run even if I'm not aching. Great! Cause you know I like icing so much *snort*

Still at least I have something to look forward too. When I'm back my new motto will be "I run because I can" and don't you think for a minute that I'm going to take it for granted.

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