Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working on my Action Plan

Up at 7 am so that I'd have lots of time to enjoy a cup of coffee and strawberry protein smoothie and get everything and everyone ready for the gym. Once I left the house I realized that I could have easily gone for another cup.

My workout consisted of trying to keep my head from exploding while running on the treadmill. Allergies suck! I can't express that passionately enough! I did manage to run about 3.5K and walked the rest of the 5. I walked only because I found myself running comfortably fast but too fast to chat with my friend and it was a very compelling conversation. Now that I think about it, it was likely the conversation that was causing me to run so fast.

Anyway, all good. No pain. A little discomfort but did what the good doctor wanted and iced the usual suspects when I got home. I have to say for the first time ever, it really didn't suck to do it. It was actually pretty nice.

When I got to Dr. P's I pointed at the areas where I was feeling the twinges and he hit the spots with his air ratchet. Only minor adjustments to do. No electrical impulses required. Then we discussed my plans to pace the LTR and perhaps do the same for the trail running group. He liked both plans so long as 1) I wouldn't run on the concrete side walks. 2) if I paced that I wouldn't push myself too hard. 3) that if I did the trail running I'd do it slow enough to ensure that I placed my feet wisely. Otherwise, blessings all around and I do go back to see him for three weeks! Yipee! I almost feel like I should have a graduation ceremony *snort*

So I'm back working the action plan. Cutting the indulgences back. I will not "diet" but I will be watching portions, avoiding majorly calorie dense foods. Trying to put the balance back along with increasing my physical activity.

That said I should say that dinner tonight will be a scoop of tuna salad (made with yogurt and a dash of mayo, onion, celery and salt/pepper) some cut carrots and peppers and a little bit of fruit and a whole lot of iced tea (just plain sun tea no sugar). Once the back yard is in shade we'll go out and horse around in the back yard until bedtime.

I think tonight I'll treat myself to a good long soak in the tube, my book and then a pedicure and an early bedtime.

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