Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy Windy!

E., L. and I are a bunch of sniffling, sneezing, runny-nosed messes. The last few days of constant wind have really stirred up the pollen. I'm hoping the rain really dampens the air-borne allergy thing.

What a busy day! First blood test (yep, again. I'm starting to look like a pin cushion) then to the gym for two hours of running on the treadmill. Would have gone the distance today cause I was in the zone but then my partner showed up and our talking kept me from the pace that I really wanted to run at so I just slowed to a elevated walk.

Then we did the track. As we walked and talked we discussed learning to run and got my friend to run along with me on the track. She's going to be a great runner, you can just tell she really enjoys it. She lives in Bowmanville and doesn't have the luxury of a steady babysitter so clinics are pretty much out for her. I offered to help her get started. So on Friday I'll bring my Garmin and we'll start some interval training. Oddly enough I got the thumbs up from Dr. P. So long as it's a slower, steadier pace (of course he doesn't know that I totally turned up the heat on the treadmill today...shhhh don't tell him!). No hurdles allowed *giggle* Since these are bound to be short workouts we're going to do our cross training on those days too. The walking lunges have actually helped me.

Spent an hour in the park with a secret cup of coffee. Shhhhhhh. Watching the kids play and getting completely windblown. Both boys were a bit lethargic but gave the park the real college try. It wasn't hard to lure them away today. Only so much you can do with your eyes half shut against the blowing sand. Though the whole time I was there it just seemed so peaceful and quiet. Blue skies and fluffy clouds and hot sun against the chilly wind. Very pretty.

Still mulling over what to do about my gardens. Was staring out the window through the rain wondering what would work. I think I've got a strategy thanks to my friend Laura. It may just be worth trying. Stay tuned. I will post before and after pictures of the make-over.

Nothing eventful going on. My stomach has been better but then double the dose of meds has helped more than my diet. No pictures but breakfast was some organic granola & heirloom grain cereal (mixed) and lunch was ham and tomato on sprouted wheat bread with half a banana (shared with E) and some strawberries. I did manage to find two of the most fabulous tasting organic strawberries at the Superstore two days ago. Cheap too I might add. Shame they are so hit and miss with their supplies of organic produce.

Going into the big smoke on the weekend to shop at the Big Carrot. Very much looking forward to that. Besides that life is pretty quiet here.


  1. nom nom, i have never been to the big carrot - let me know whats good and i'll send you some cash and a list - lol....

  2. The whole produce department is incredible. You've really got to see it! Everything you lay your hand to is organic. Prices are fair too and some deals can be had.

    The dry goods are nice and varied. The common products that you could get at Superstore are about the same price but you can definitely get things there that you'd have to special order in Durham.

    The dairy aisle is huge (though pretty much the same price as DR) and the meats are all organic and humane. Stuff that you can't get at SS. Prices again are fair for what it is.

    We should do a field trip!