Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me and My Big Ideas

Yeah, that's about it. Today I woke up and looked out the window. Ahhh beautiful. Swung my feet over the edge of the bed and my butt, quads and calves said "oh no you don't!" and that was the end of my gym aspirations for the day.

After breakfast with the daydreams of gardening from the day before I decided that I'd venture out and start digging around in the beds that had been neglected for a long time.

Now I remember why they had been neglected. I won't go into specifics (as to save my marriage) but let's just say that it's going to require a lot of brute strength, money and time to rip that garden bed out and build it up properly.

By the time I had thrown in the trowel (ha good pun) I was so thoroughly frustrated with my lack of progress that I could have kicked the gardening tools over the fence and taught my kids all new "mommy" words.

It's planning to rain all weekend but between us....I'm still going to be hacking away back there between rain clouds. My back yard is officially an embarrassment. Now don't get me wrong. My husband knows it is in sorry shape too. He's been working on the deck and other projects for the last two years so we both agreed that when all of those projects were completed we'd focus on the landscaping. Well that time has come in spades.

The second source of frustration is "outdoor kitty". This mangy flee bitten kitty who is completely wild, born and raised by mother nature. Has taken a liking to my patio furniture and likes to sleep on the loveseat with his muddy paws and flee droppings. Yuck I'm tempted to wrap my cushions in tinfoil to get him to bugger off.

I love cats, really I do. I just hate having to wash my cushions endlessly. Especially for a kitty who would mess me up rather than let me scratch him behind the ear.

No feral kitty love here.


  1. TIN FOIL baby....get rid of the mangy things....NIMBY....

  2. Yes Sheree, I'll definitely borrow them. Might not give them back though. I love those doggies!

    Misty-The only thing about putting sheets of tinfoil over the cushions is that I've got less for my tinfoil hat collection :S

  3. KATIE.....tin foil collections are NOT cool....why can't you collect other shiny things...like diamonds?

  4. I do! But if I wore them all and fell in a puddle, I'd drown *bahahaha*

  5. thats what you get for a)having so much bling and b) being so short.