Thursday, May 27, 2010

Action Plan

Ok so I'm over weight, coming back from a running injury and dealing with stomach issues, and harboring a major food addiction. Those are the cold facts.

I need an action plan. Can't keep mulling over it. It's got to be dealt with. So I went to bed last night and painted my toes a gorgeous colour of burnt sugar and read my chickflick book and avoided the cravings that were calling to me. I was craving cheese by the way, how odd.

In the last two-three months some of my old bad habits have kept back into my life. Thankfully, not the diet coke habit though it whispers to me whenever it has the opportunity. I'm sporadically eating breakfast and find that I'm not even hungry until about 11 am and then I'm HUNGRY and make bad choices that escalate through out the day.

My food choices are not balanced. Too many indulgences. Not enough activity and letting my general attitude/outlook slide. Need to make changes STAT!

Here's the plan so far: Make sure that I eat a healthy balance breakfast (today: check, strawberry, pineapple protein smoothie and one cup of coffee). Get some physical activity in, will do that by cleaning the house from top floor through back yard, including laundry even though that means running the machines during peek hours which I despise doing.

Lunch will be light tuna salad with crudite and iced tea (again just sun tea over ice, no sweetener). Snacks are limited to a small portion of almonds and some fruit.

Dinner will be some roasted chicken and veg (no starch). No dessert, just a cup of tea while I get some work done. My treats for the day will be non-food related. A soak in the tub with my book and a facial mask and manicure.

I can't wait until I'm able to run far enough to enjoy a dusk run. Until then perhaps enjoying the front porch at dusk before my soak might be a nice way to center. I may not have time to post update photos of the food but I'll take them and post them tomorrow. For now I've got to shut the laptop down, get up and get on with the day.

Stay cool y'all!


  1. you can do it! you have a million banked training hours!! whoop!

  2. Oh yeah! Forgot about that. Well you've got a challenge then. How can you modify for a hernia and running injury? Wheelchair Olympics? *snort*

  3. ohhhhhh we have sooooo many, painful options.