Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Light at the End

of the tunnel. It seems to me that everything is lightening up. I'm no longer feeling ill (ok except for my crazy allergies) and my injury appears to be dulling down. I'm headed out to the gym tomorrow to put some mileage on the treadmill or track with a friend. I haven't been running outside because my head feels like it is going to explode. I can't get over how aweful my allergic reaction is this year.

My pyramid box is almost completely planted. I've left one spot for various herbs which I have still to buy. With my husband's help we've gotten the fountain all dug up and corrected. I've gone in and separated some of the plants from the weeds that were mingling in the same mud clumps. That wasn't fun. They've since been replanted and aren't too happy but I assume there will be a period of limpness before they perk up again.

The bed in front of the deck has been dug up and prepared and is just awaiting a large investment in flowering shurbs and perrenial herbs. Now I'm just waiting on the back bed to be prepared so that I can put in 16 Beefsteak Tomato plants. I did plant 16 Early Girl Tomato plants in upside down planters. We'll see how that experiment goes. Husband will be putting up a railing along the top of the fence so that I can hang all the planters there. Right now they are hung from the sides of my gazebo and look awful but at least they are in full sun.

With all the work in the back I'm now a bit more tanned than I ever wanted to be. I like the colour but not what it represents since it is real. The sun is so intense in my back yard that even a fresh coating of SPF 50 isn't enough to stay a nice pasty white.

This weather has been great, I'll say. We've installed a ceiling fan and black out blind in each child's room and will be installing one in our room and the living room. We are trying our best to keep the temps down in the house without running our A/C at full tilt.

I did succumb and turn it on today, as I was supposed to be doing housework. Kept all the rooms dark and most of the electronics off . The temp was 75F (for some reason I prefer to use F in my house...strange eh?) and now it's at 76F but with the fans on in the boys room it really is nice. I'm sure that we'll make it through the summer without the crazy hydro bill that we've been fearing ever since they mentioned the HST.

Well it should be my bed time. I have broken too many of my good habits lately. Got to get back on the horse!

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