Monday, August 31, 2009

A very nice morning

Oh its gorgeous out. Chilly and crisp. I got up at a decent time and have already showered and dressed (big accomplishment for still being on summer holidays). Kids are fed and now playing with play dough. I have to make breakfast but I'll get that done in a minute.

No pain in my heels again this morning. Treating my feet very tenderly anyway. Padding around in big fluffy slippers and wearing my running shoes when I'm going to be on my feet longer than just grabbing a cup of coffee. My legs are feeling better. Doing a lot of gentle stretching whenever I think of it. Taking time off is hard but if it pays off and helps me get back out running then I'll be forever grateful for that advice!

E. tried on the body suit to his costume and its great! I'm thrilled. I don't like the velcro so I'm going to redo biggie that will take about 2 mins to correct. Once I'm happy with it I'll stitch it in to make it sturdy. Who knows how often he'll wind up wearing this costume. Last year he dressed up for a couple occasions. The nice part is that after its all hemmed up it can be used as a whole or in part for a few more costumes to come. I'm looking forward to diving into L's costume.

Today I need to make a better plan and I'll be off to the grocery store to make that plan happen!

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean w/milk and banana. Coffee and vitamins

Snack: Kashi bar with tea

Lunch: Turkey on Ezekiel. Carrots and fruit

Snack: Fruit/yogurt smoothie (small serving)

Dinner: Leaned down version of Chicken Enchiladas with a side of black beans & green salad

Dessert: Likely nothing. Perhaps a late night cup of decaf tea while I sew.

I've got some household chores to do today so that's about the extent of my physical effort. Want to run but wont. grrrrr

Breakfast is done...time to get on with the day!

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