Monday, August 24, 2009

Its a New Week


For me this means a return to sanity. Its a return to a well worn schedule of tending children, cleaning up the debris from the weekend and getting back to a normal diet. This weekend was particularly hard on my eating. I packed healthy sandwiches and fruit and veg to snack on but my resistance to the chips got impossible when we were stuck in the car in the pouring rain for more than an hour. It started the spiral like chum in the water. Sigh. Enough, time to shrug it off.

So I am grateful for a do over. Its my plan to have dinner ready before nap time so a quick warm-up at dinner time will be the only thing between me and healthy food. Right! So what should be on today's menu? Well I guess I ought to start with breakfast.

Oatmeal with flax, hemp hearts, egg whites and blueberries. 1 1/2 cups of coffee with 5% cream (trying to get that down to 1 cup per morning and very few incidents of evening or social cups will have tea instead).

Kashi bar and clear tea

The huge salad: 2 cups greens and basil, tomato, nectarine, cucumber, carrots, bell peppers, light feta, 2 ounces poached chicken and Homemade light oil/vinegar dressing. 1 slice multi-grain toast rubbed with garlic clove.

Carrot sticks and 1/4 c light hummus

Grilled pork chops (extra trim), roasted peppers and mushrooms, wild & whole grain brown rice pilaf.

a Chocolate Bran Brownie and decaf tea.

My planned activities for the day are tidying, laundry, a quick run to the stuper-store and meal prep and baking. After an early dinner I'll be heading out for a run around 8'ish. Its also my goal to be in bed, lights out by 10 pm. I've got to get off summer hours. I believe that staying up to 1 am reading has done more to kibosh my appetite than I'd care to imagine.

I'll post back later to journal anything that came up (hopefully it will be an uneventful and even toned day). I am optimistic that this can be a great week. Gotta stop fiddle-arsing now and get to it!

Deep breathe in....exhale. Deep breathe in.....exhale


  1. Misty,

    I'm having trouble scheduling my vitamin supplements. I have to take iron/Vit C and it has its own set of do's and don'ts. So I tend to take it after nap time when I've got an empty stomach and its too early for dinner. But I need to work in the best times and ways to take the following:
    Vitamin B complex
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D & Calcium


  2. Sounds like a great menu today Katie!!!!! You salad sounds delish!!!!