Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night

Its been a very quiet Friday. Hubby took the day off but we had no plans so it was just a putter around the house and yard kind of day. I took that opportunity to get my Outlook working on my laptop and wound up spending more than an hour writing rules to get rid of all the spam and to get "real" emails to route to the proper folders. What a waste of time!

In the afternoon, I darted out to the fabric store in search of costume material. It took forever to find the location on Harwood but after getting turned around once I managed to spot it (they didn't have a street sign, good grief). Its not exactly the nicest neighbourhood either.

I almost came home with about three more projects. I managed to find just about everything I need for both costumes but will have to hit Walmart for more pink felt, "stiffy" (fabric stiffener, get your head out of the gutter!) and black fabric paint and black yarn to make a mane. Unless I get lucky and come across some cheap black shaggy fur. L, will be a zebra but if asked he's Marty (Madagascar). Two weeks tops to finish both costumes completely.

I've got a real itch to get to the new quilt. Its going to be hard to limit myself to my current palette since I've discovered yet another source for quilting materials. I'm going to have to dive right in. Maybe I'll give up napping. How else will I ever find time to do all the things I want to do. Busy hand work is proving to be a real appetite killer too.

So the scale is actually inching down slightly. The blogging though boring for you all to read, is actually keeping me honest. The planning before hand is also allowing me to look more closely at what I eat. So thank you ladies for pulling me into the blog support group. I hope its working for you in the same way.

I need to throw my running gear into the wash for tomorrow. I wonder if it will rain tomorrow? I wonder what Misty has in store for us? I hope its just a regular run. I need to stop blogging and get the kidlets to bed so that I can start cutting into my fabric so that all I'm doing tomorrow is sewing the pieces together.

Nite nite!


  1. Congrats, my scale is inching down to the planning and blogging is great,