Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 out of 5

Ok so Tuesday Nights run was horrible. I also could tell that my range of motion was limited. So I've been worried about running again. For the last two days I've been nearly psyching myself out. Finally, I decided to go out.

I stretched for about 20 minutes before. I went and the first couple of steps were stiff but they limbered up. I ran a modest 4K and headed for home. I tried so hard not to freak myself out. I finished my run strong and stretched for another 20 minutes. I'm now sitting here watching tv with an icepack on each leg. It was nothing like Tuesday night but still not wonderful :( I guess I need to nurse the pains for a while. No quick fix.

So I've finally gotten around to watching the Grey's Anatomy episodes that I've had saved since January. Tonight I'm finally watching the season finale. Wow! I can't believe I had the strength to wait so long to watch the end of this show. I still have another hour but its really, really good. Its keeping my mind off the ice packs.


  1. I haven't watched the season finale yet either!!! don't say anything! i don't want to know what happens yet until i actually find time to watch!

    ps if you need to go extra slow tomorrow i'll run right along with you ;)

  2. Ok I understand the need to not know. I've had to threaten people for a good 5 months! My lips are sealed.

    Slow I can do! I will likely opt out of speed work tomorrow to save my legs. If you don't mind me being the slow boat I'll be there!