Friday, August 28, 2009

The Long Weekend Begins

I got a chance to sleep in a little. It was nice. I woke up to L throwing toys into the empty bathtub in their bathroom. Loud clanging! He's been up to no good ever since. Typical. The living room and kitchen are nice and sunny and everyone is in a good mood. I'm still in first gear while it seems the rest of my men are in 5th.

I swung my legs out of the bed this morning and I can feel the Plantars coming back. So stretching like a mad women will be the top priority from now on. It must be just another sign that the running is causing my body to tighten up.

Today I start the hunt for the fur material for the costumes. I need to beat $25/m. If I'm desperate I'll pay the $25 but you can bet that I'll be trying to sell the costumes after the fact or at the very least trying to give them away so that they get more than just one year's use. Fabricland is having a sale on costume materials so I ought to be able to get a better deal. I know, I know boring stuff.

I also need to make appointments for haircuts and get the labels ironed into the kids new clothes. The house looks like it threw up on itself again so its going to be a putter around kind of day. Otherwise, I have no plans for anything dynamic. Just going to get the little things done today. Maybe if I hit the jackpot on the material I'll start into that project.

The plan so far:

Breakfast: two slices of toast with nut butter and banana (becoming my favourite fast meal) with coffee and vitamins

Snack: Kashi bar w/tea

Lunch: Chicken sandwich on Ezekiel bread, nectarine

Dinner: TBA

No running today. I'll do some deep stretching periodically during the day.

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