Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

Day two of the week. Its amazing, that feeling of waking up alert though feeling a little lazy. Feeling the sun on my face and hearing my sons horsing around in their rooms. I bounded out of bed this morning. I feel good.

I've even eaten breakfast! That just never happens! I purchased some of that crazy Ezekiel Bread to check it out. And besides the fact that I'll need new teeth soon, just to finish the loaf. I purchased the sesame version. Its good. Smeared some nut butter on it and sliced some banana over top. I never do that but I just didn't feel up to making a bowl of oatmeal. I'm just sitting back, blogging and working on my first coffee and wondering what the day will hold. What plans should I make?

I suppose I should plan the menu first:

Breakfast (was):
Two slices of Ezekiel Bread w/nut butter and sliced banana
Coffee (meds).

Nectarine and some almonds

Leftovers from last night's dinner
(grilled mustard glazed pork loin with mixed rice pilaf and broccoli)

Carrots and 1/4c skinny hummus

Grilled chicken breast with oven roasted sweet potato fries and mixed green salad.

Bran Brownie & tea

There now the menu planning is accomplished. Now what on Earth should I do today? I've got a bedroom that is screaming out for some organization. Perhaps I'll tackle that today during Y&R (which I can clandestinely watch on my bedroom tv) if I can set the boys up with a task that can keep them occupied before lunchtime. I've got to conserve some energy for tonight. Run club. I wish I knew what Misty had planned for us.

I've been planning a quilt in my mind for a while now. Daydreaming about it. Touching the fabric in my mind's eye. Working the measurements. Calculating how much I'll need of each material. Fingering the binding tape. The feel of pushing the material through the feed dogs. I should seriously get to work on that. I can't bring myself to throw out any material because I know I can use it for a quilt. Its time to start using what I've collected.

I can feel it coming on. Its in the air. The temperatures are starting to fall slightly. The air has a bit more tang to it. September. Fall. The "Martha" persona coming back. Coming to set up house for the cold months to come. I love the anticipation.


  1. Oh the quilt will take a few months. Even more if I think about it too much. I really should just get down to it and make the boys Halloween costumes first or I'll wuss out and buy them.

    I wish I was Martha. Correction: I wish I had her budget!

  2. I'm so thankful to not have to be an "in the closet" Y&R watcher anymore.....I'm addicted to the lives of all in Genoa City.....LOL.

    I'm also very jealous of your sweet potato fries - my favorite!

    Good luck with the quilt Katie! I'm sure it'll be beautiful!!!