Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I had a dream

it was....about James and Thomas!". "Mommy, Mommy! Thomas is a very special engine."

That's what woke me up today. L. wandered into my room and stood at the head of my bed and made his proclamation. So adorable. Now he's racing around the island in the kitchen, chugging and whistling like a train. All this while my eldest slumbers on. What I wouldn't give to curl up in E's bed with him and get a few more minutes of sleep. I would but E. throws elbows.

It looks like a gorgeous day out there today. We slept with the windows open last night and this morning it was actually chilly in the house. I have put the fireplace on in the living room to take the chill off. It will not be long before the leaves start to show signs of the season's change. On days like today I can't help but want to make bread and other comfort foods. Though, its not in my plans today.

Meal plan for the day:

Breakfast: Bowl of Kashi Go Lean and Coffee
Snack: yogurt with blueberries
Lunch: Big Salad with chicken and light feta cheese
Snack: carrots and hummus
Dinner: Pasta with roasted peppers and turkey sausage w/green salad

Today I'll start working on the designs/patterns for my Halloween Costumes. I have to look into the process for starching felt and how best to cover florist wire. E. has declared that he wants be Remy (Ratatouille). It is my concept that he should be in a mouse costume with a little red scarf tied under his chin and a chef's hat. He needs big elaborate ears, a cone nose with attached whiskers and a long tail. I'll create booties with vinyl soles for the feet. It will likely take me a month to finish this costume. But the worst is getting to the fabric stores to get what I need. Perfectionist procrastination is my biggest issue. The blank page gasp!

I still have no idea what L. will be. When I ask him he says "Soccer". Ummmm yeah, no. So I'll have to come up with something for him since he doesn't want to pick. Normally, he gets dressed in costumes that will come back to haunt him later in life. Cute things like a baby pea pod (his first costume). A blue fuzzy bunny rabbit and a skunk. Ah future girlfriends will just sigh when they see those pictures. This year will likely be one of the same. At least I'm not making them go out in the Charlie Brown Costume. You know the sheet with all the holes in it!


  1. You are so creative....I'm in awe of all your talents. It wouldn't even occur to me to even attempt to make AJ a Holloween costume....Way over my head!

  2. Well hold the awe until we see the final project! It may wind up looking like something that the cat dragged in! LOL