Monday, August 24, 2009

The Monday Wrap-up

Well ok, so I didn't eat my snacks. Felt no need for them today. But had that wonderful salad and the planned dinner (except instead of the pork chops I opted for a lovely pork loin glazed with mustard and thyme on the grill). Baked my bran brownies and went out for my run.

I have to say that was one stupendous run. Try as I might, I could not slow my pace to save my soul and it didn't matter one bit. I ran a modest 4K. Enjoyed my music and watched the sun set. Now I'm making my cup of tea and going to enjoy one of those brownies. Then heading to bed for 10 pm.

All-in-all and despite feeling a little blue this afternoon I'd say this day ranked a 7 out of 10. Good job *pat on back*

1 comment:

  1. Great day Katie! I'm so envious of your run.....sounds heavenly!