Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whatever you do, DO NOT search for my blog by "cupcake diaries". OK well, go ahead but please DO NOT think its mine! The owner of that blog chronicles her extra curricular activities, ie hand jobs and whatnot. Hardly, something I'd write about. For those who know me better, know that butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. LOL

Its 12:57 and so far today I've registered for a 5K race and The CN Tower Climb. You'd think that I like being busy and active or something. I'm not big for races. I just like knowing that I can go that particular distance and usually have a rough idea how long it will take me. My last 5K was accomplished in 34:15. I know I can shave off at least 2 mins this time around.

The CN Tower thing is a social thing. We've got a team of 50 women invading Toronto for the weekend. Its going to be a hoot. Hubby climbed the tower a couple of times and said he can do it in about 20 mins. I'm not sure if I have a goal. I'm just praying that I will not be doing it hungover. I make no promises.

So far a good day. Stayed true to my meal plan. Kids are being kind to me. The house looks like threw up on itself. A very productive day! LOL I'll get it all picked up as soon as my tornadoes are locked away for nap time.

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