Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love them!

Ok so I've got really cute kids! I know all moms feel that way and its definitely true where I'm concerned. Today was haircut day. I love haircut day. We march them down to Mellonheads. We always try to get the first appointments of the day so that we can get out of there before the crying children come in. That's mostly for me and my low threshold for high pitched noises.

L always gets the Thomas Train chair. E. in the orange plane. Their haircuts take 10 mins tops. Neither child fusses nor squirms, usually content to sit and blow bubbles or to snoop through the bin of toys. They always get the same haircuts. Hubby gets his haircut the day before so that I've got something to point to and say just like his. So now both boys look just like Dad. Too cute. I hated the idea that E. would start school looking all shaggy. You would not believe how fast their hair grows. We are usually there every 2-3 months. They always get taken down to the wood but it comes back just as quickly as it gets snipped off.

E. was able to charm his way into the main building of the Richmond Hill Observatory ( yesterday night. They have a policy that no children under 7 can be admitted. After stargazing with a volunteer astronomer, Stuart, on the front lawn of the observatory. He told Stuart what the four major moons of Jupiter were. Told him what the big red spot was and went on to tell Stuart what constellations he was viewing were and their legends.

Stuart went in the main building and convinced the tour guides to allow E. to come in. He got a tour and got to climb up the ladder with hubby to take a look at the moon through the observatory telescope. He got to see the moon in great detail announcing it was the waxing gibbous. He amazed the astronomers and its very likely that they will not bar the doors to him on his future visits. It seems Stuart will definitely remember E! I wasn't surprised at all. Its amazing what he knows about the universe and that he is completely self-taught since age three.

Funnier still that he knows so much but still insists on being a rat chef for Halloween :D

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