Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok so it was not a good food day. Got side tracked when I didn't make my breakfast, falling back on the old habit of just sucking back coffee all morning. Lunch was a bit better in that I had some leftovers from last nights dinner. Chicken Provencal with a cup of quinoa. Dinner: fast food takeout.

I've been sewing since the end of dinner and have finished most of E's costume. I have to mold the ears and spats (the shoe coverings). I still need to decide on the style of tail and go pick up the material for it. I'll start the body suit for L's costume tomorrow since I've got everything I need for that part.

Kinda of blah day. Bummed about having to take the time off running. Trying hard not to think of it too much. On the bright side, the Plantars pain in my heels were none existent today. Still tight in the legs but a lot of downward facing dogs seems to be helping to loosen that up. Still working on the hips. Considering new shoes too.

Off to bed. Got grocery shopping to do in the morning so that I will not resort to bad food decisions. Night all.

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