Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've only got a few minutes to spare before the day ramps up. As you know I'm home schooling now. I'm actually really enjoying it because E. makes it easy. If its presented in a fun, non-drilling manner, he's in there like a dirty shirt. Makes me wonder how bad he was atrophying in that class. Today we'll cover more math (addition and subtraction on a vertical without a carry) then we'll do more pattern recognition. We'll practice printing a bit more. Just a page or two because this really bugs E. We'll follow up on our Anatomy lesson from yesterday and have E. label the Skeletal System, good news on this one is that now he is not freaked out about Halloween Skeletons anymore! Then we'll do some fall theme work and I'm just formulating a craft in my brain. The peculator is a little slow moving today.

Then when its starts to wind down we'll take a break and do some "kid-chefing" of some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'll also take that opportunity to make the side dishes for dinner. After that we'll have some story time and free play.

I've got a girlfriend swinging by around 7 to pick up the old baby gear. I'm going to be so happy to see that stuff go. I've kept all the really important stuff like the linens (to make into a quilt for each boy) and some precious sweaters and sleepers. The rest has pretty much been farmed out. Can't keep everything. I'm just happy they are all going to a good home LOL

Things are motoring along quit nicely here. L. has changed his mind back to Zebra so nothing is being done on his costume until just a few days before. I've collected all the things necessary to make it one way or the other. Asking him to be certain is likely too much of a challenge. Easier to just be prepared. Insane, right?

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