Friday, October 9, 2009

The Long Weekend

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. Funny thing was that it kinda snuck up on me. The calender has a way of playing tricks on me. I suppose I've been a stay-at-home mom so long that really the days really do blend. Today, could be Monday for all it really matters. I know I've said that before but its true.

I spent the morning in the kitchen again today experimenting with breakfast cookies. All the benefits and almost none of the sugar. It seems that L. isn't a pancake boy so I needed something that was better than cereal. He doesn't like oatmeal so I had to employ another mindset. Cookies for breakfast! Why not? I created an oatmeal cookie that is actually good for him. The great part....He loves them. Asks for the biggest one and will scour the bag of cookies looking for the prized selection. Another victory for mommy. Those boys have consumed more icky vegetables in the last two days then they have in a dog's age!

I finished my baked beans after setting them up to do their thing over night. At 2:30 when L. fell out of bed and woke me up all I could smell was garlic. I was a little worried that I OD'd on the garlic but by 6 am it smelled heavenly in the house. My beans are tucked away in the freezer now, portioned out into double serving sized bags so that with a little notice they can be pulled out for future dinners. I'd keep going but I've officially run out of room in my freezer. I will not have any available space for anything else until I can evict my turkey and the apple pie that is taking up all the room.

I managed not to tire myself out so completely today. I'll be in fine shape for a nice long run tomorrow. I plan to run again on the weekend to help burn off some of the weekend's decadence. I'm really looking forward to making that meal and just hanging out with my guys.

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  1. Cool then we can stand together at the next BRC and toot away! The united stink front LOL