Monday, October 5, 2009

Beautiful Morning

I love Mondays. Yep I'm odd. I like Mondays because it means I get a clean slate. I get to get us back on track, back on schedule. Its a wonderful do-over. E. went to school this morning. We actually got dressed, fed and out the door with plenty of time to get a good parking spot at the school. Of course I got the usual "I don't want to go" shpeal from E. but I ignored it. L was a handful at the school too but only because there were nice big puddles that I wouldn't let him play in.

E is 100% better, L is still sick. Stuffed up and miserable. I'm still stuffed up too so I can't throw stones. I've got more energy today. The sun is up. I feel light and think I can navigate us through this day without a lot of heartbreak :D

We'll go and pick E up just before 11 am and then come back for lunch. Then pile in the car for E's testing appointment at 1. Back in time for naps. Then Husband takes over at 5:30 taking them out to soccer while I get an hour of peace to myself to make dinner. I'm looking forward to that hour *giggle*

I am hoping for a quiet night of knitting and in bed before 10. I got caught up in the Godfather last night so I didn't shut the lights out until closer to 12 eeeeekkkk.

The plan:

Breakfast: 1 egg poached, toast and banana

Snack: apple & tea

Lunch: Homemade pea soup

Dinner: Cabbage rolls & green salad.

Exercise: 1 hour of yoga

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