Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well the day came and went. Started out with a chilly wet run covering about 7.5 K Then a quick dash to the dollar store to pick up mittens to match the boys costumes. After a quick bite and a fast shower we head over to the mall. The boys had so much energy that L. was actually hopping around the pet store.

After nap time huband carved the pumpkins while the kids munched on their dinner. Things quickly sped up. Before I knew it, it was time to paint E.'s face and get the boys dressed. They were so cute. I took as many pictures as I could manage but they wanted to get out into the action.

Once out they were giddy. I helped L. up and down the porches. Some of those porches were difficult to navigate. Add twenty excited kids to the mix and it became a bit treacherous. Didn't stop him from insisting that he'd carry his own over flowing candy bag from door-to-door. We went much further this year despite the cold. I really love that the boys are getting old enough to enjoy this holiday. I love their excitement.

Perhaps next year we can decorate the outside of the house more elaborately. It might actually draw more kids to get the candy that we over purchase every year. Only about 10 kids this year.

What on Earth will I do with all the leftover treats?

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