Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been pretty much in the kitchen for the last couple of days. This comes as no surprise, does it?

I was inspired to go for a run yesterday morning and I clocked another 6.5K on the meter. Came home, showered and ate lunch and got right to work. I did manage to get an hour nap and got up and tucked my turkey into the oven. I got dinner on the table for 6 pm and in about 20 mins later that was that. It then only took me 30 mins to clean up since I clean as I go. Had my feet up and tv show on before the kids were out of the tub.

The rest of the evening was spent vegging and nursing tender feet. I definitely think its time for new shoes. My legs felt good after the run. No need to ice anything. That of course makes me happy. I was running a long yesterday morning. Thoroughly enjoying my route. The trees were gorgeous and the sky was that brilliant crisp blue. Then the next thought just popped in my head. I felt like Forrest Gump when he decided to run from coast-to-coast and back again. Sometimes a person just feels like running. Who knew?

Today is a no cook day. I've earned it!

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