Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Productive Tuesday

Wow, if I had know the recipe for a productive day was to be karate kicked by L. all night (yep, bad dreams so he slept in our bed, plastered right up against me). I got up early and managed to not only get the kids fed and dressed, as well as, myself. I also managed to get E's snack ready and them in their gear and out the door well before the locks were taken off the gate. We had to sit in the car and chat for a bit until everyone else showed up for the day.

Got back to the house with L. and got a few loads in the wash. Cabbage rolls in the crock pot (yeah we wound up having spaghetti last night because there were too many errands to do during the day). Pea soup bubbling away and prepared a brine for my chicken breast. I'm just waiting for my soup to reduce a bit more then I'll sit and have some lunch.

I still have a few more loads of wash to do but I'm in less of a hurry to get that done since it seems that the fairies are stealing my laundry baskets again :S I hate that! I hate housework. I find value in the work and the house always seems so much nicer after its done but trying to do the housework while the kids follow along either fighting with eachother or making larger messes just makes me want to say "forget it".

The plan:

Breakfast: Banana and Kashi bar

Early Lunch: Homemade Pea soup with crackers

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast & green salad

After run snack: Yogurt parfait.

Exercise: Lots of housework and cooking....and run club *Squeeeeeeeeeeel*

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  1. lol katie - you are such a great role model!
    loving how you fill your days with creativity and love!

    you rock!