Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chaos and Giggles

From the ashes of a turbulent week we managed to have some crazy fun. To celebrate E.'s birthday we had the none birthday party. We asked E. to choose three of his best school mates and his brother to go bowling with. We invited these school mates and their parents and older/younger siblings to come bowl a round with us. We wound up dividing into two teams of 6 on two lanes. Bowling like crazy, laughing and having a blast the hour blew past. When the dust settled we couldn't figure out what team won but we all agreed that it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

We then piled into our cars and headed to McD's for food on us. That was a blast and more chaos. The kids were hungry and you'd be surprised how hard it is to order food for 12 people but I managed to place the order and get it all sorted out and doled out. Everyone fed, all the kids running around in the play area we had a great time. I sure made for a long get together.

The toys were played with and the mess cleaned up. Naps were attempted and failed at. I was too wired from the day to fall asleep but too tired to get up and do anything constructive until later in the afternoon.

I did manage to help get the house tidied up. The family fed and the rat ears that I molded sewn on to the Remy costume. I know need to glue them back and into place then stitch on the chef's hat. Hem the sleeves and legs and make tail and shoe covers for it then its done!

Then on to L's now cow costume. Yes, he changed his mind but I've got everything except the cow bell. I'm searching for a cow bell. But if I don't find one I'll make one (some how I can hear Misty laughing at me).

I'm also researching theme units and worksheets to start easing E. and L. into doing their schooling with me. I've got curriculum books but they've only have a few sheets of each section. I'd like a few more on each task. I'm really looking forward to working with them. E. makes it easy because the thirsts for knowledge. His little brother requires a little coaxing with a game but has the same good attention span like his brother.

Our first unit....Volcanoes. We build an erupting one tomorrow.

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  1. yes katie, whip out the welder and make a cow bell would ya??