Saturday, October 3, 2009


A few weeks ago before the end of clinic, our coach Misty had us sit down and think of a few future goals. All health or fitness related. My first goal, the one that popped into my mind was to run a half marathon. Forget that I still had to run the 5KA grad race (had a speed goal in mind). Then start the 10K clinic and run a 10K. My mind lept over all of it. Right to that magic 26.1km distance goal. So really there are a bunch of goals all tied to that half. I thought I'd sit down to day and time-line a couple more since I she had lit the fire under me.

  • Hitting the Gym no less than 2 times a week
  • 5KA grad race goal was (to trim 4 mins off my time, I could have accomplished that had the course not been mapped through the mountains LOL).
  • To meet that 5KA goal once this cold is gone I'll run that distance again with the goal to get the other minute knocked off. I'll likely run that on Thursday night as a regular run.
  • 10K clinic start - Tues Oct 6th
  • 10K Race - December 13th. To accomplish my first 10K No time goals in mind.
  • 10K Race - December 20th. Just to do it again for shits and giggles :D No time goal here either.
  • Start half training in December/Jan when that clinic starts up.
  • Run a few more 5K's just to get stuff and stretch legs and stay motivated.
  • Run the WIN Half (already registered so there is no backing out of that commitment).

Reward system: I'm going to break this down according to distance. For every 25-30K of training/race kms racked up I'll treat myself to either a new related gadget/item of clothing or a pampering thing like pedi or facial/massage.

All of these goals are short term goals. All to be accomplished before Summer 2010. After the New Year I'll sit down and write up another list of short term goals. I want them to stay as immediate as possible so that I don't lose interest. I have not entered the CN Tower Climb because that is almost purely social. I'm not doing any special training for it and have no time goal in mind.

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  1. love it! don't forget to add lulu clothes to the list!