Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a crazy day. Originally, I was supposed to hosting a Gate Mom coffee morning at my place but because we were all sick last week and everything piled up around here I decided to postpone it and try and get some of the laundry and tidying and maybe get a chance to just hang out with L. and play.

I spent the morning just playing with L. It was great. He's a sharp one and so totally cute. Very fun. Then the morning turned on its ear. I created a pasta with pureed chicken breast, milk, cauliflower and disguised it all in a white cheese sauce. It was ingenious, truly. There was almost zero texture which is the issue for E. He will not eat any meat if there is a texture. Its a struggle to get him to even eat a hot dog which has zero texture.

I've been feeling terribly anxious that he just isn't getting the nutrition that he needs so I've decided today to pull out all the stops. There is going to be some mad experimentation in this house this week.

Its 9:46 pm and I've finally decided to sit down and munch an apple. Tonight after dinner (that didn't get eaten by E. and was sent to bed without a supplement of pb sandwich because we think that he's also waiting us out for the good stuff. Power struggles :S) I headed out to the grocery store. I picked up a whole new arsenal of veggies to hit him with.

Tonight I prepared a breakfast that can't be refused. With a flour blend of unbleached flour, whole wheat flour and wheat germ in equal proportion. Banana. Peanut butter, pureed carrots and sweet potato, egg, milk and chocolate chips. The creation....Funky PB Monkey Pancakes. I nibbled the reject pancake and OMG it was fantastic. If E. rejects these pancakes them I'm marching him to a doctor to have his tongue looked at!!! I haven't had anything that good in a long time!

So they are tucked into the fridge to be reheated by a bleary-eyed mommy before she even has a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. Along with the pancakes, there are bags of spinach, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots and sweet potatoes. Broccoli and sweet peas. All of these precious veggies are being turned into purees tomorrow and every meal those boys get will get a few tablespoons stirred in. Flaxseed and wheat germ and oat bran in everything that I can hide it in.

I'm declaring war! Armed with breakfast cookies and spinach puree hidden in peanut butter I'll win the battle. I am determined. He after all is only a 5 year-old.

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