Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drop it like its hot!

I feel like I'm stealing something. Should home schooling be this easy and this fun? Since we've been doing so fabulously but been a bit cooped up for the last 3 days I decided today was fun day. We headed outside to play hockey in the drive way. Poke at ladybugs and collect leaves. Then after sandwiches I broke out the bag of cheesies and the NHL Wii game. Once E. got his fill he turned and asked to do some work. It doesn't get much better.

We are starting to see some movement forward again. The other night we saw a familiar upset when he declared that he didn't want to go to Karate. He said he wasn't good at it. Then I said that Daddy wasn't either but that he was still willing to try and get better. That even Sensi still works on his art and he's been doing it for 20 odd years. We were able to get him out the door. On the way out I mentioned to husband to discuss this with Sensi.

Upon their return, I was informed that Sensi spent some extra time and engaged him through some separate play then got him back in fighting form. E. was all smiles and stories. A victory. Definitely a victory.

We are moving forward on getting him feeling more secure and confident. We are getting fewer meltdowns (none so far today). We are getting him to be a bit more independent. Accepting his quirks and working to his strengths and setting him up for small victories to boost his ego seems to be the right combo for winning rewards.

Now this aside, sure I'm not getting as much down time as I used to. Nothing around the house is getting down right now. I'm not going to let it stress me out. I'm going out after dinner tonight to get an outfit to prowl about the TO venues with my gal pals. I am looking forward to "chick" time in a big big way. If anyone knows how to have fun, its these girls. 67 ladies from across Canada are invading Toronto tomorrow. We are all getting together at a bunch of rotating events and then climbing the tower on Saturday morning then heading to Marchè for brunch. I'm hoping for some hilarious pictures and butt pinches....ok so they are a touchy feelie group.

I just hope I can manage the navigating to the different parking lots. Gosh its going to cost me more to park my car on Saturday then it will to eat at the restaurant. I suppose it also means no booze with breakie. I'll just have to drive home and indulge while I soak off my sore quads in the tub.

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