Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of Another Year...Good Bye 2010

While I waited for a moronic woman reading the label on her carton of milk, to move her cart which she left in the middle of the aisle, it occurred to me that I could redirect my rage to something more positive.  You know?  Like thinking up some New Year's Resolutions.

No really, it was my fault for daring to get a few weeks worth of groceries on a day when just everyone needed to converge on the same grocery store that I frequent.  What was I thinking?  Clearly, not of my new resolutions.

This last week or two I've had some vague ideas float through the transom of my mind.  Some about weight loss and exercise.  Some about inner self-improvements.  Instead of writing a list of the same what not to do's I've thought perhaps it may be more effective to write a list of goals instead.  A wish list for 2011, of sorts.

Of course, on that list are a bunch of running goals both distance and time/speed.  What would my wish list be if I didn't have at least one destination race listed among the other races?  This year trail running will be thrown into the mix.  I have some fitness goals outside of running too.  It would be nice if I could get through one of Misty's classes without stopping or grumbling.  I'm sure she'd be impressed to hear me not whine for a change!

One large entry is to revamp our eating habits.  It's not enough that I should adhere to a clean eating habit and extend my years on this Earth.  I am hell bent to make sure my husband's days are pleasantly extended.  *stop rolling your eyes, Husband!*  It's true, he will put up the biggest fuss but then when he protests about eating lentils I'll remind him that it's better than allowing me to order Chinese!

A long with revamping our diets I also pledge to double my garden size and freezing/canning output.  I was able to put up several months worth of fruit and vegetables, the stockpile which has since been utterly depleted.  I believe strongly in quality and sustainability.  This goal also goes a long way to my getting more mellow.  I thoroughly enjoyed gardening on mass last year.  I'm already craving to get my hands into the seeds and soil.

There are of course wishes like more time with my husband, as a couple, instead of just two parents waiting until bedtime to get some peace and quiet.  There are the entries for having more fun with the kids instead of just shuffling between activities and chores.  I would like to remember what it was like to be a child, again.  Then there is an entry for being a better friend to those I care about.  One more entry for spending my spare or rather quiet time in more fruitful pursuits than watching TV.

Mostly this year I've decided I will not say "no-never"!  No more shutting the door on an idea before I can have a chance to truly examine it.  I can safely say that back when I was a chain smoker (yes, and it wasn't so very long ago shame is great) that I said there was no way I'd ever be addicted to running.  Goes to show..."no never" is a horrible train of thought.

As for my general unsociable qualities and potty mouth....well, if I changed everything about myself then no one would recognize me *snort*

Happy New Years!  Peace, love and fun to you all!

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