Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who'da Thought?

I think my memory must on the fritz.  For some reason I remember that when I was a little girl, the Santa list read: a baby doll in a pink dress, a Raggedy Ann, a tea set and a skipping rope.

I don't ever remember a time shopping for my boys when the gifts had an air of simplicity.  Searching for toys for them means sifting through the thirty different themed sets of Lego.  Getting just the right type of race track with the cars that change colour in water.  Not just any video game but one that can tell when you've walked in the room and identify you.  I don't believe they asked for anything that was generic save for the "bird" my eldest son declared he had to have.  Though he just said "bird", he was very specific in what colour bird he wanted.

I've also noticed that with the very specific gifts comes a very specific price tag.  Expensive.  It is the exclusiveness of these crazy kitted out toys that kills me.  I hunted all over Durham Region for one of the kids toys this year and when I finally got it in my hands and paid for then tucked away safetly at home I sobered up.  Turns out that purchase was largely fueled by the chase. 

My husband reminded me of a time when he was a kid and his dad gave him an empty appliance box.  Not as a christmas gift, he was frugal but not a cheapskate.  From this large box he fashioned many exciting toys.  Spaceship, castle, dog house, as examples.  The box captured his imagination and within it's paper confines anything was possible.

Now toys have lights, annoying music, sensors and the capacity to remember more than a 60 year-old person.  It comes in ten exciting colours and can be recalled at any time due to lead in the paint.  Staggering....I know.

I also recall my own mom telling that when she was a little girl she was happy with a rubber baby doll.  I guess being crusty is a hand-me-down.

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