Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You See What I See?

It's the first day of December and it's snowing!  That means for me it's the first Day of the Christmas Season.  I'm even in a very light mood.

Yeah, I know while so many are chomping at the bit to break out the holiday trim the day after Halloween, I like to saver each season.  Each special day. I spent a little while winding down from Halloween.  Then working my way to Remembrance Day.  Then the happy non-holiday space in between.  Getting mentally geared up to have my house taken over by holiday trim and  Christmas music.

It is true that I tend to tire of it quickly once the day comes and goes and want to liberate my space of all the decor and stuff the tree back to where it came.  Picture the Grinch shoving the tree into the chimney!  I would be successful too if it weren't for the fact that hubby and the kids protest.  That is one of the reasons why there isn't much done before December 1st.

Today is that day though.  It's time to bust open a can of Christmas and get in the swing.  I've also been blessed with a little dose of fluffy snow flakes to really get the season off to a jazzy start.  This weekend the tree and all comes out.  Tonight a Ho-Ho-Ho martini to kill the pain of a harsh morning workout and some Christmas Tunes while I get some work done.  Yes...dip a toe in.  The season is fine......!

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  1. Some how I can totally see you trying to decorate on the 11th LOL :)