Monday, December 13, 2010

Well A Fine How Do Yah Do....

Man forget saying Merry Christmas to some people.  I'm ever so grateful that my Christmas Shopping is winding down and that this year I can do it all by myself because I'm not sure after a shopping excursion that my kids wouldn't come home with a few new swear words to add to their "I'm not allowed to say that" list.  OK, stop laughing.  It is true that they pretty much have heard my full repetoire but have the good sense not to repeat "Mommy" words. *snort*

After getting some work done early this morning after a double school drop off I thought I'd head out and knock a few things off my list.  In the first shop I nearly got knocked over by a large man, and when I say large, I mean, block the sun.  Clearly he didn't notice me under his foot!  Not so much as a "sorry I didn't see you there, can I help wipe my boot print off your forehead?"  Nope, he just kept marching straight past so that he could be the first to get to a display of slippers.  Fine, straighten my ruffled feathers and continue on.

Next a woman cuts in front of me in a long line up at the cash register.  She's got just one item, clearly the gloves must have been deadly heavy.  Instead of making a big deal of it, I choose to let her go thinking someday she'll do that to the wrong person and get her butt kick from Karma.

A couple of items acquired I move on to the next shop.  Five minutes inside and there it is.  The truth I must now acknowledge.  This next gift could be a bomb.  It's like shopping for a new nuclear reactor when you haven't got a clue how much one ought to cost or what features it should have.  It just spells trouble.  That's a gross exaggeration but when you consider that a ill planned gift can blow up just as big, it's a big decision.  Choose wrong and someone gets hurt.

There I was, holding up a line at a frantic store.  Asking an opinion-based questions of something which I had no working knowledge.  I got eye rolls from the younger patrions.  I got grumpy/impatient expressions from those senior to me.  I could read their thoughts "Oh lady, just buy them both and return one after the holidays like everyone else!"  I turned my back and pretended to not notice the back up I was causing.  Talk about performance pressure. 

Here's a warning to you all:  Buy your can of cranberries early and you'll avoid the inevidable stink eye from a fellow, pleasant, holiday shopper.

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