Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Butt Misty Broke!

Dear Misty,

I've been attending some of your workout classes for the last couple of months and they are really swell.  A new experience each and every class.  Tough.  Challenging.

However, I woke up this morning and attempted to go a long my morning routine when I realize that you made me break my butt.  It may have been the 200 lunges performed in class yesterday morning.  My one request to go forward, please send me a taller toilet.

You're devoted client.



  1. Dear Katie,

    Your attendance in small group training through the past few months has been delightful, watching your strength increase and muscles tone is a personal trainers dream.

    Rehabilitating the leg, shrinking the waste and toning said butt are all targets during our sessions so I think there is only on appropriate response to your request:

    Due to the shrinkage of aforementioned buttocks, all complaining, bitching and general rumblings in regards to the method of shrinkage - in this case, tabata lunge jumps - will be duly noted and then, without further ado, disregarded.

    TM Training would like to thank you for your letter and wishes you continued success. As a token of our appreciation, I have mailed out a 2 by 4 which will surely solve your toilet dilemma.



  2. *bahhahahahah* Wiping coffee off of laptop now.

    Thanks Misty you always cheer me up even when it hurts to sit, stand, sneeze, breathe and blink.

    :D You're the best!