Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Odd Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.

That's right little pink fluff, dream about your cute little hat.  I love knitted hats but don't actually own one that I like.  I'm bad for either knitting or buying nice hats for other people but when it comes to me, it just doesn't happen.

Actually, besides running gear I really don't have anything in the way of proper winter clothes.  You can certainly see where my priorities lie. *giggle*
I was out in the weather for about twenty minutes this morning dropping one of my boys at school and found myself actually trying to dodge the wind.  I think my hard Winnipeg edge is wearing thin.  It's time for me to knit myself a hat.

Oh wait, that's right.  I'm still working on Sheree's project.  Sorry Sheree, I suck *frowny face* Ok, so I guess I'm working on that today *wink*  At least my lap will be warm!

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