Saturday, December 25, 2010

It isn't over till the exhausted lady pours her tea!

It's a wrap.  8 pm rolled around and only the little bits of wrapping paper peeking out from under the couch remained.  The kitchen cleared of much of dishes and dinner remnants.  One kid passed out on the floor the other trying to decide how to carry all his bounty up the stairs.  The guests gone home to relax and let their over stuffed bodies settle.

It's amazing but the only other time when a day passed so fast was my wedding day.  Truly a blur.  I'm told our day started at 6 am when my husband crept downstairs by-passing the still sleeping children to start the coffee and make sure everything was ready for the kid's grand entrance.

Once in sight of the tree there was a wild frenzy that overcame the kids.  Without parental refereeing they would have opened every one's presents without so much as a thought or care.  The unwrapping of their entire stash didn't take longer then 7 minutes.  A new record!  Then they were so excited to dive into playing that neither husband nor I got a chance to open our own presents until nearly everything had been explored.

The rest of the day was occupied with food prep and entertaining.  Though never far from my hobbies I managed to incorporate my two dark passions.  Running and Cooking.  Yes, I used my Garmin to time the basting.  Every thirty minute interval had me up on my feet and pulling out the bird.  I got so good at it by the last 30 minutes that I could get the bird back into the oven before the end of the walk break!  Ha let's see Martha do something that cool!

Now with the kids in bed and my run gear in the wash for tomorrow I'm looking forward to a cup of tea, my knitting and a good night's sleep.  This was a good Christmas.  Far better than we had anticipated.  It almost feels as if I've been danced off my feet.

In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge "I have little right to be this happy but I just can't help myself!"

Merry Christmas!

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