Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Hunt

Christmas shopping, one of my not so fun things to do.  Well that's not necessarily true.  I like the feeling of dragging all the loot into the house much the way a cat likes to leave it's people the spoils of the hunt on the front porch.  Do I enjoy the mall?  Nope, not even a little.

We were fortunate to have a chunk of time sans kidlets today and decided to use that time to getter done.  Yep the whole list for the kids was accomplished in one go.

Now if only my husband would tell me what is on his wish list.  It drives me crazy when he shrugs and says that he doesn't want anything.  I'd be willing to bet there were as many toys on his list as there was on the boy's never ending list.  While walking around the toy store this afternoon I could hear him the aisle over "light cool" and "oh wow, they've got The Iron Sheik!"   I'd also be willing to bet there would be more than a handful of video games he'd love to have.  I'm a little envious in one respect.  He gets to revisit his youth by playing with the boys and their toys.  I'm not so much big on the little green army men and Matchbox cars especially when I step on them in the dark!

I will admit I looked longingly at the big display of fashion Barbies.  I miss that new Barbie smell *sigh*

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