Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend in Review

This was one busy weekend.  Had a really great morning on Saturday.  Got out for a good warm up run with the BRC then headed to the Santa Shuffle with Cheryl and ran a pretty good race.  It wasn't a personal best but I'd be I could have pulled that out of the hat had I been in race mode from the beginning.  I'm very pleased at my training so far.  It's picking up nicely and I'm starting to feel like a runner again.  I will say this.  Racing is so much better with tunes.  Stupid Ipod died before the club run and I didn't want the hassel of fiddling with the Blackberry for tunes as I still have not set up proper playlists yet. It is now on the list of stuff to do this week, that and recharging my ipod.  At least it wasn't my Garmin!

I got a couple hours of peace after getting home.  I was pretty cold after sitting so long in wet gear.  I lobstered for a while in the tub then headed down and had some lunch.  Even got to watch a movie and get good and sleepy by the time the guys returned.  They were out marching in the Santa Parade and you would think all that exercise and fresh air would have tired them out.  Nope, wired!  Spent the rest of the night entertaining them and when they finally went to bed at 8, I was so bored that I retired at 9.  Yep, I'm that exciting.

This morning no sooner than I got a cup of coffee down it was time to get dressed and head out shopping.  My laptop has been dying a painful death for the last month or so.  The lid/screen is just about to snap off and it is so slow.  Husband has been treatening to get me a new one for a long time and today I relented.  Sadly, we didn't pause to look up what time the stores opened and were about an hour too early for the electronics store.  So off to wander around in Walmart.  Luckily, it was empty and we managed to get some things for the boys to start the Holiday list.

Then off to drop some wampum at Best Buy.  Where for an hour I watched E play a game on their demo Kinect.  He was really good.  I had a ball just watching him bop around and laugh.  Of course L got bored after a few minutes and started to wander away.  So there I was standing in the middle of an aisle separating the two departments keeping an eye on one child and the other on L.  I have to admit I was amazed at the constant stream of people leaving the store with really large flat screens.

The rest of the day was dedicated to putting up the Christmas tree and putting out the trinkets.  This is always one hell of a production.  Each year husband and I swear we'll get a new tree.  The one we have is a throw back to my Winnipeg days.  I figure it's got to be at least 14 years old.  Still in good shape but next to the new prelit easy to put up models this one is down right archaic.  Maybe next year....?  *giggle*

Half way through assembling it and putting the lights on husband turned to me and asked where the bottle of rum was. After searching for that for a while I just gave up and made a shaker of Cosmos.  Decorating the tree after that was a sinch.  Now it's just a matter of keeping the weiners from trying to christen it and the kids from playing with the ornaments.

The snow has been falling ever since.  We've already taken a pass at the driveway and porch and by the way it's still coming down I'll need to get out early and take another pass at it.  So glad I found the snow pants at least that's one less bad mommy award I'll win this week.

Well back to moving my files over from the old laptop. is no one's friend.  If it were I'd have a robo-mixologist keeping me in gin!

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