Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is clarity, hope and a Golden Retriever

A few days until Christmas and we aren't ready.  After being hit with a figurative truck we are struggling to right ourselves and get into Christmas mode.  I'm not going to share the reason for the derailment, it's far too personal even for this blog.  Though, I will say this, it sure has brought on a much deeper meaning of what this Christmas will mean to everyone in our family.

So I dash about making lists, checking them twice then editing the plans and recreating the holiday that was originally planned to accomodate a new and enlargened version.  More gifts to be purchased and far more food needs to be acquired.  Simplicity is being redefined.

If someone asked me a little over a week ago what I wanted for Christmas they'd have gotten a completely different answer than the one I'm asking for now.  All I want for Christmas now is clarity and hope.  Ok, that and a Golden Retriever that I can take out on 5k's.

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