Thursday, January 13, 2011


We've got a situation! *roar*

I've really been warming up to winter, lately.  Or I should say it doesn't bother me as much as it once did.  Perhaps it's because I'm forced out of my warm den each day to drop one or two of my kids off at school when I'd prefer to chug coffee in my PJ's.

Could be that because I'm addicted to running that I am forced to layer up and head out to prove that I can conquer the elements.  Though it's been unanimously agreed to that pooping in the bush in the dead of winter is the true test to being hardcore. You might be shaking your head wondering where that comes from.  For clarification, it's a runner thing.

I've found myself enjoying shoveling the driveway and got quite put out yesterday when I couldn't find the shovel.  This morning on just one cup of coffee I enjoyed defending a snow fort from rambunctious school kids.  More and more I find myself being drawn to winter sports.  We have a new rink in our backyard that requires me to purchase skates.  I haven't been on skates legitimately since I was 12.  I want to take up snowshoe running but haven't found anyone willing to take on this challenge with me.  I may just have to do it on my own.  Now how hard core is that?

The other day I nearly challenged a girlfriend of mine to a snow plank-off.  I'd likely lose since she's in my better shape but it seemed like a hard core punishment that we'd both enjoy.  You'd have thought that after 10 years living in Winnipeg that I'd have earned this wintertime appreciation much sooner. 

Today it's a crisp -17C with the wind and the sun is bright and gleams off the snow in deep blue hues.  I just want to be out there.  Too bad I have to wait until tonight to enjoy a winter run. Perhaps part of my budding love for winter is just a distraction from my desire for spring?  January always brings a fresh crop of seed catalogues and gardening dreams.  What's the cure for cabin fever?  Yes, snow planks!

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