Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes it's better to have a distraction then it is to actually put words to an irritation.  Happy dancing around the vitriol.

I have this absolutely fabulous friend.  She's my I Ching.  The translator of the Rosetta Stone.  She always has the answers and it is likely because she's lived a life.  Had many experiences and has no problem being real about sharing those life lessons.  On top of being this great wealth of experience and alternate perspectives she is just completely interesting.  She isn't done living life and she makes no bones about it.  I love that she appears fearless!  Never predictable and I love her!  Hopefully, she knows this. 

When I'm faced with something that niggles at me.  I wonder to myself.  What would she do?  What would she offer me in the way of another perspective.  Since we've been friends I've opened myself up in ways I never knew possible.  I've grown a lot.  She's inspired me to do things I never thought I'd entertain and it's all in the spirit of expanding my threshold.  Challenged to live this life I've been given instead of merely shutting down and saying no to things that are new or uncomfortable.  I hope that I offer her back even a 10th of what she gives me.

It's in the spirit of writing this blog that I'm redirecting myself to think of better things than the irritants that niggle when my mind is idle. Consciously not giving name to the people and slights that take up space without paying rent.  Crowding out the negative people and thoughts with the good things that give back in positive ways and nourishes my soul rather than robbing it blind.

Turning my thoughts inward, re-examining what I once thought to be true.  Tipping the painting on end to take get another work of art, entirely.  Almost Zen.  Thank you, my friend!

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