Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ode To My Doggies

Because not all my blog posts need to be rants. 

Some of you don't know this but I've got two dogs.  Both are Dachshunds.  Both are nuts.  Both drive me insane.  A few of my friends have said that they heard me talk about my dogs and have visited my home but have never seen them.  Well there's a dogs embarrass me.

Finnigan is a Hannibal Lecter in training.  A smooth dapple coat, standing all of 12 inches tall and 40 inches long, he'd have your liver with a fine Chianti if given the opportunity.  Nah, that's an exaggeration.  He's actually really sweet once he gets to know you and he's only been exceptional with us but show him a dog that's not his brother and he FREAKS out.  He loses it if he sees a dog on the flat screen.  I can no longer watch equestrian riding because he leaps around trying to get at the horse on the TV.  We've nearly given up walking him due to his irrationality.  Blowing leaves, snowmen and flags have all met his wrath.  The neighbours look out their windows when we put them on leashes because it sounds like a cheap soundtrack from a prison break movie.  He is chewing his way through the back cedar fence to get at the little puff-ball dog on the other side!  Totally embarrassing.

Casey is the opposite though he gets rather cranky with Finnigan and really, who could blame him?  With all that silly aggression, Finnigan can grate on the nerves.  Casey is a long-haired blonde wiener the same height and length but about 25lbs heavier.  I've nicknamed him Haggis.  All Casey thinks about night and day is food.  He has chewed his way into a 40lb bag of kibble and eaten himself to sleep, woken up and started all over.  If he were human I would have had to chain the fridge and cupboards closed.  He's daft and wants a whole lot of love.  He will stare at you with his big brown eyes to make you feel guilty for not sharing your coffee!

We got Finnigan just a few days after we got married.  Finnigan had separation anxiety so badly that we bought him his own dog.  Casey is actually Finnigan's dog. Two wiener puppies less than two weeks apart equals a whole lot of stress.  When we got them, we lived in an apartment on Bloor Street West and the owner didn't want dogs on the premises so we had to move out within a month of getting them.  We wanted to move anyway but they hastened the search.

We've had them for 7 years now and they've mellowed with professional training and age.  Finnigan's muzzle is greying.  Casey naps more these days then he used too.  Now that the boys are older and I've got more energy to spread around I've been enjoying them a little more than I did when the boys were really young.

On super cold days there is nothing better than knitting with a wiener on your feet and one on your lap.  Who needs slippers when you've got a Casey?  They are awesome security.  When they bark you can hear them down the block.  No one can walk up to the porch without the wiener security system alerting me.

However crazy they are....and they totally are!  I love them. 

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