Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold Monday

Spent shopping to the beat of my own drummer.  It was grocery day.  Actually, that whole task feels like it sucked up the better part of my day.  I left the house around 10:30 and got  home around noon.  I'm still trying to figure out just exactly why it took so long?  Strange.  Though I will say that as far as grocery shopping goes, I rather enjoyed myself.

The store wasn't busy.  The shelves were stocked with everything I needed with enough organic produce to get me through this week's planned meals. 

No one getting in my way.  No children to distract me.  My bluetooth headset playing a very long playlist of all my favourite tunes.  I caught myself humming or mouthing the words a few times.  Didn't matter to me that I might have looked a little off, I was relaxed and having fun.  Who can say that their last food shopping trip left them happy?

I was also delighted in the little indulgence of a cast iron skillet.  It's being seasoned as I type.  I'll keep seasoning it today and tomorrow until it's smooth and black.  I can't wait to make my first dutch apple pancake!  All of my other iron skillets have gone missing over the years and instead of just buying new ones I hold on to hope that they will return.  They never have *sob*  This one will be guarded fiercely.

Today is a good day for day dreaming about spring.  The one thing that cheered me up was seeing the Valentine's Day displays and all the spring flowers.  Soon, spring will happen.  And when it does...I'm going to be freaking giddy!  It was miserable out today.  At least if it's going to be that cold it would be nice if the sun were out.  I'm in some dire need of Vitamin D, oh and some dirt under my finger nails.

Come one Spring....mama has cabin fever!

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