Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st

This summer is sure clicking a long. I didn't even realize that this was a long weekend. I guess I've been pretty distracted. I've been dragging a little today. I'm sure it was the active day yesterday. Morning run, cleaning and organizing, scant lunch, an hour in the park and then scant dinner while getting ready to go to a friend's place for a deck night. I didn't really stop to just breathe yesterday.

The day started off much the same though I got to sleep slightly later than normal. I sprang up and headed out to the garden to water my very thirsty plants. Then inside to chug down my first vat of coffee. A few minutes later I was getting ready to head out to play with the boys.

By the time we got home I was exhausted and required a nap. Nothing like a good 2 hour coma. Oddly, spent dreaming about my watermelon plants. How odd. Got up groggy and it took me a good hour to shake it off so that I could make dinner. Steak and Chicken fajitas with Corona.

I've finished my work for the evening and have to admit (yes I'm stooping low these days) that I'm now completely engrossed in the new episode of Jersey Shore so I should call it a night and sign off before I lose my last shred of dignity. *snort*

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