Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So that's what I call them....

Misty and her damn chatarungas (ok, so if it wasn't Misty, it would have been Sheree). We had to do a whole bunch of them as a warm up for our run last night. A whole bunch of them translates to me having a very hard time functioning today. My HeyBabies are broken. I'm looking forward to them disappearing outright.

Last night I kicked butt at Run Club. Ok my slow butt. Usually, I run with Lindsay but since she was busy in New York getting proposed to (yes, it's out there now, I was only able to keep that secret until Tuesday Night...not too shabby) and we usually spend the whole run kvetching about the things that piss us off so we usually run pretty slow. Gotta be able to enunciate our complaints eh? Well without her I had to run to the beat of my own cranky thoughts. Needless to say I had really picked up the pace. *snort*

I was pacing the faster girls in the club until I realized that it was too freak'n hot to be going all out and thought that at some point I'd hit a lull. That perhaps it would be better to conserve a little of that wild energy for the other half of the run. I did back off the pace a little but apparently not so much. Sure I wasn't running beside these faster girls but was keeping the same pace right behind them. I was rather pleased with myself. It has been a long time since I've opened up my pace. The paranoia is still strong though.

I had an appointment with Dr. P today and he said he liked what he was feeling. It seems that the full range of motion is back in my hip. That I was now balanced from left-to-right. Though the calf massage and the back cracking could have been skipped. I have a hard time not yelling out when he jumps on me with his whole considerable weight. Then he adjusted my arms. Yep that's right, the ones that were already screaming at me for the mini workout they got last night! I think I scared the full waiting room of elderly ladies. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I walked in the room. "What on Earth was he doing to that little thing? Is he going to do that to me?"

I've got the approval for training. Both cross training with Misty and for trail running and a gentle increase in both pace and distance training. I just need to keep it conservative and mindful. He said it's all good. Yay! *happy dance* With the Good Doctor's green light and Misty eager to twist me into a pretzel I'm well on my way to doing the right thing. Widdling my Heybabies and my "stuff my face" gland into non-existence.

I'm also happy to report that I've been a very good girl today. I did manage to eat breakfast though it was sparse. I had a coffee and a granola bar before 9. Then had a protein smoothie before 10. Lunch was a little delayed and hodge-podge. A nectarine, 1c of leftover barely pilaf and 4 slices of lean ham wrapped around a thinly quartered mozza cheese string. Oh and a cup of coffee chased with a huge glass of water. Dinner amounted to a mediocre grilled chicken salad.

I will be a good girl tonight when I meet JOanne for coffee tonight. Decaf tea. That's it...I really need a decent night's sleep.


  1. YEAH! this is gonna be fun...for me, not you...just are gonna love it!

  2. ok, how do you make your blog pics...or do you just always find the perfect one? your blog pics are just soooooo spot on!

  3. Oh you are going to make this hurt aren't you? Did I mention that I can't move my arms today because of the run club warm-up?