Thursday, August 5, 2010

Justification #102 - It's better than smoking

One of my old habits has made a cameo appearance, as of late. I don't really know why either? I suppose sure laziness and cheapness. When out at a restaurant do I really want to spend $4 on a tiny bottle of Perrier or $1 for a bottomless diet coke? Why are all the things that are good for you so expensive? It's not right!

A quiet day today. Spent much of it working. Then when the smoke started to curl out of my ears I got up and got us out the door. The plan was to take the kids bowling. The bowling alley was so busy that once I got a good look at the line up pushing us back against the door I turned to the boys and bribed them with an ice cream cone to get them to give up the idea of bowling.

The bribe taken I'm now on the hook to take them bowling tomorrow. I was hoping to get an early morning run in tomorrow because it is supposed to be that beautiful. I'm almost excited about it too.

I took a big step today and registered myself for a half marathon in May 2011. I've got a good long time to train for it so I'm not too concerned about that training causing an injury. I'm really looking forward to training with Sheree again. I think that was part of the funk that I experienced after the injury. The end of my long runs/coffees with Sheree and Misty. I turned to Hubby in the car this evening and told him that I'm crossing the finish line of that race even if it means that Sheree is pushing my wheel chair!

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