Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tomato Fest

Oh wow. I hurt today. Yesterday I worked out with Misty and her small group training. How embarrassing. I was huffing and puffing through a lot of it. I have zero balance and actually felt a little nauseated after the stairs.

There was no doubt that I'd hurt but wasn't expecting this. I can't do anything without it hurting. So of course that means I've got to have a very active day. I suppose it is better to get up and move about than to sit and let my body seize up more. Off to the gym for a good long swim with the guys. Then several trips down the water slide with the boys. Ouch-a-roo!

Then after we got home and ate lunch I got the bright idea to go in search of produce to put up. Originally, I went in search of corn and beans to put up but I found a fabulous deal on the tomatoes. The next thing I know I'm elbow deep in tomatoes.

The guys vacated the house to give me enough peace and quiet to concentrate and keep from having the boys under my feet. It took 3 hours to peel, seed, boil down and create the sauce and then finally process the jars. The jars came out perfectly. Here's the kicker...I still have half the box of tomatoes left so I have to do the whole thing over tomorrow. I'm fighting the urge to go and get another huge box of tomatoes *snort*

You must be so bored of hearing all my tales of canning. My garden has really revved up my desire to try and save as much of a good thing as possible.

Think of it this way, at least I'm not ranting about my neighbours *giggle*

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