Saturday, August 14, 2010


It's the weekend. We originally planned to go camping this weekend but because the forecast was not favourable back on Thursday we decided against going through all the hassle and expense of going just to be rained on.

It seems we are a bit camping cursed. Each year when we pack up the kids and dogs and car and head out it all goes so terribly wrong. If it's not having enough dry clothes to torrential rain and tornadoes then I just don't know what?

So now that we are grounded here for the weekend we'll have to put up with our neighbours. I'm sure they are going to be crawling all over either the front yard or the back yard today. I just hope they don't decide to drink out on their deck tonight or I'll have to lob some flaming bags of Finnigan/Casey poop over the fence.

Hubby got up early and snuck out of the boys house so that I could sleep in. He's really a total sweetie! He's off to Home Depot to get the supplies for the completion of the stain glass window. We are hoping to get it installed tomorrow at the latest. Then I'll get to work on the front door sashing. I just don't like constant reminders that they are there. Though the cloud of cigarette smoke that permanently hangs over my front porch is a constant reminder that they've taken over.

I bet the neighbour that lived next to them across the street is relieved they are gone.

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