Thursday, August 12, 2010


What do you do when you are up all night reading then get up at 9 am? shhhh! that's a secret. When you come downstairs you realize that the coffee maker has shut itself off while you were snoozing and you've got about 5 minutes of warmth left on your vat of coffee? Then you also realize that not only do you have to make breakfast for yourself but for your kids too?

Yep that's right you stick with your vat of coffee and schlep up a breakfast for the boys. Though it was not as hot as usual it was a darn fine cup of coffee.

I managed to get some work done early and before starting in on housework I poured a bowl of Kashi which my son then promptly mooched. Yup, L. Not just happy with his organic corn pops but also a moocher of my Plain Jane Kashi.

Breakfast is hard for me. I'm not usually hungry and even chugging down a smoothie feels like torture. Having something ready-made would seem like a great idea but with the way I am in the morning I bet I'd just ignore it. I will try doing some overnight oats for a while and see if I can break the cycle of eating breakfast at 10 am (even on days when I'm up at 7am).

I was getting so good at breakfast even though I didn't ever want to eat it when I got up. I was making spelt pancakes (personal sized servings) and light fruit and english muffin things. See what happens when you let one thing go....dominoes.

If I fail at breakfast then I fail for the rest of the day. Note to self: Oatmeal is not evil....

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