Monday, August 9, 2010

Yep, it's history

So as you know because I blogged about it last month I was less than happy that I was getting new neighbours and not just any neighbours. Yep, the dreaded "I live my entire life in my front yard" neighbours.

It started first thing this morning when they took up their position on the porch next door. Like every other moment of their lives they are on that porch with their dog smoking away. Collecting the chatty neighbours in for a good long conversation.

I can feel my property value shrinking already. Though I was really upset that the previous neighbour was breeding wild cats, I was a bit spoiled with them. I hardly ever saw them and they kept fairly quiet and were as unobtrusive as you'd want a neighbour. I was especially spoiled in that the window that over looks our hallway always had closed drapes.

I have never wanted to put drapes or blinds in that window because it would darken the stairs and landing considerably. I'm a real sucker for as much natural light as I can get. So to help blot out the knowledge that the "new" people are living there I'm installing a stained glass feature. It's a good thing that I can control my passive-aggression or I'd be designing a window with a middle finger giving them a salute.

Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lotto so that I can move very far away. The next house will be set on an acreage with a MOAT!

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