Friday, July 30, 2010

So Ends My Vacation

The month has come and gone. What have I accomplished? It certainly doesn't feel like much that's for sure! I suppose I've got a fair share of projects completed but so many weren't even touched.

I got most of the baby quilt done. This was one of the last pictures I took. I was doing the basting of the three layers so that I could start the quilting process. I haven't taken any since but I'm almost done the binding. Just working on the corners now.

Then there is my garden which as gone a little crazy. I've had more cucumbers than I could shake a stick at! So what's a girl to do? Yep that's right. I got to work yesterday and made a dozen jars of pickles. While I was at it I decided to put up some tomatoes and some more jam. Peach/Blueberry and a batch of Spicy Peach. I've got more peach slices in the freezer to do up but had to stop because I ran out of jars and sugar. I'll pick up more this weekend and finish the job on Sunday.
I need to resow the beans in my garden. The bushes are pretty much spent and I know that I'd like to be able to freeze a lot more for the winter. Might as well since I'm on a roll!

Today was spent in a nice manner. The only work I did was to do a sink full of dishes before I picked up the kids. It was actually a good thing since I had gone and finished watching the season finale of Grey's and was so worked up and upset that scrubbing away at the dishes was oddly calming. Ah the hidden joys of domesticity.

Have I mentioned how much I hate doing dishes by hand. I have a brand new dishwasher loaded with all the bells and whistles but it's still sitting in the box in the kitchen. Very annoying. We've been piling things on top of that box which is even worse. It's like the stupid box has found a home that will likely be for some duration.

Our last hamster died. Only 2 short weeks after the bird died. It was really their time. They had actually lived far beyond their expected lifespans. No credit to us. Those poor things didn't get a whole lot of love. I'd feel so guilty for Earnest, who was always sickly that I'd tie big stalks of basil to the cage wall so that he could nibble away but really nothing lured him up from the bottom of the cage in the final weeks. The hamster should have kicked it months ago.

We now have a moratorium on new pets. We are down to just Snoop II the fish and the dogs. No more new pets. Not until the dogs and fish have passed and the boys are much older. At least this time hubby didn't flush them.

Back-to-school shopping is almost completed. I just need to get the labels sewn into their clothes which they will share again this year. They are still the exact same size. So odd. I think all we need to get now are new indoor shoes and lots and lots of new socks.

It is nice to have gotten a few things accomplished. Just wish I could have cloned myself so that at least one of us could have sat and finished a book this month.

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