Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Holy cow, it's so hot out. Seriously freak'n hot.

The kids are off to summer camp and I spend most of my days worrying that they are too hot. I'd sure feel better if it cooled off some so that I'd know for sure they'd be ok.

I've been out each day giving my gardens a good soak and I believe the pyramid box is taking over the back yard. Cucumbers are coming in like gang busters and I'll have to either do some serious canning (ok so not in this heat!!) or be giving them away. Soon people will avoid me like they would the Christmas Fruit Cake.

Dinners have been grilled affairs with light salads and even then hardly touched. The a/c is on but the house is set to a steady 78C and if I'm upstairs then I put on the ceiling fans. Anything to keep consumption down. All laundry is done on the line but it feels like penance just putting it out on the line.

I'm not looking forward to running tonight. That really says something. Normally I'm totally all in for going to Run Club but this heat really has me feeling like the poor little Popsicle dude in the picture up there.

Perhaps an iced tea on the way home would be a great carrot for that run tonight.

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